Customised flip flops

Customised flip flops are our most popular choice!
The minimum order is 25 pairs but with this process we can easily make 50,000+ pairs if you want.

Any colour

With customised flip flops you can have any colour sole and strap, all we need is the pantone colour. Note: the pantone colours are used as a guide. For confirmation of the exact colours a sample will need to be produced.

Made for you

Customised flip flops are made to order which means we make the soles and mould the straps for you from raw materials meaning no one else will ever have the same flip flops as you.


With customised flip flops as well as a choice of any sole or strap colour you can have your artwork printed on the strap, the sole or both. Furthermore there are various embossed logo/artwork options as well as sand imprint logos on the outsole (bottom of the sole)

Lead times

Because the flip flops are made to order just for you the lead-times are a bit longer than some of our other services where we use our UK stock. Please ask if you have a tight deadline for delivery. Also, because we make them to order, the setup costs are higher so the other services like Personalised flip flops might be better for small orders. All our prices include all setup costs so there are no hidden fees.

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As we make these to order, you can have any colour sole you want.
The soles have a standard sole texture on the top (insole) and tread pattern on the bottom (outsole), which is the same as other famous flip flop brands. On top of the sole you can have you artwork printed. On the bottom of the soles you can have a sand imprint logo, text or slogan.

Spot colour printing

This is the most popular and common way to print on flip flops. With this option the artwork is made up of solid colours (like white, dark green etc.). Artwork is seperated into individual colours and then each colour is printed. You can print as many colours as you want, however, the more colours you have the more expensive it is. If you're printing more than 5 colours and other options become more cost effective. For printing we just need your pantone colours (PMS Solid Coated).

CMYK printing

Rather than printing solid colours this option mean all artwork is seperated into halftones (small dots) of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This option works well for fades and gradients of colour and multi-colour images enabling full colour images to be printed.

Transfer printing

Full colour prints using heat transfers. These require tooling costs, however, the print lasts longer and it is cheaper if the print run is greater than 5000 pairs. Using this method incredible detail can be achieved up to approximately 300dpi (good print quality).

Multi-layer soles

As well as prints on the top of the soles, you can also have mult-layered soles which give the effect of strips of colour in the soles.

Sand imprint

On the underside of the sole (outer sole) you can have logos cut into the material so that when you walk on wet sand you can leave your message, logo, brand or name imprinted into the sand.

Strap options

To make your straps more exclusive to you/your brand there are several different ways of incorporating your artwork/colour on them

Standard plain straps

These have no artwork on them. You choose the colour and deicde if you want plain smooth straps or textured straps.
Printed smooth straps

These are plain smooth straps in a colour of your choice with your artwork/logo/text printed on the strap.
Embossed logo patches

These are exceptional embossed logos! We make embossed patches of your artwork, which are then moulded into the strap meaning they become one fixture.
Bespoke embossed logos and textures

We can also make completely bespoke embossed logos and new strap textures just for you. See our bespoke flip flops for this.


For the customised flip flops you can choose any sizes you want. The prices include a certain number of sizes, depending on your order quantity. Deciding sizes for flip flops is really hard and it’s not the same as a shoe size. Shoes don’t need to account for the length of the wearers toes whereas flip flops do. There’s also personal preference to consider. Some people like to have their feet go right to the edge of the flip flop. Some people like to have a buffer between their feet and the edge of the flip flop. So overall we’d always recommend people that are on the border of a size should go up a size. The following are a list of typical sizes but we can make them in any length in 0.5cm steps.

UK/US sizes

Sole LengthUS MenUK
23 cm / 9.1 in 2 – 3 1 – 2
24.5 cm / 9.6 in 4 – 5 3 – 4
26.5 cm / 10.4 in 6 – 7 5 – 6
28 cm / 11 in 8 – 9 7 – 8
29.5 cm / 11.6 in 10 – 11 9 – 10
31.5 cm / 12.4 in 12 – 13 11 – 12

European sizes

Sole LengthEuropean
22.5 cm / 8.9 in 33 – 34
24.0 cm / 9.4 in 35 – 36
25.0 cm / 9.8 in 37 – 38
26.5 cm / 10.4 in 39 – 40
28 cm / 11.0 in 41 – 42
29.5 cm / 11.6 in 43 – 44
30.5 cm / 12 in 45 – 46
31.5 cm / 12.4 in 47 – 48

Materials and qualities

There are a range of qualities of our 100% natural rubber flip flops. Alternatively you can have a different material.


Basic quality: perfect for promotional merchandise or one-day events
Standard quality: perfect for weddings or events where you want soft rubber soles and if your budget is tight
Good quality: great for sports clubs as well as retailers.
High quality: best for retailers where a durable long lasting flip flop is key.
Other materials are available: like PE/PU/PVC/Cork/EVA. Contact us if you would like to discuss materials.


PVC: soft flexible PVC straps. These are perfect for printing on or we can mould an embossed logo patch into the strap which means it will never come off. Alot of flip flop manufactures glue embossed logos patches onto the strap which can be messy (you can often see the glue seeping out on havaianas) and these patches are more prone to falling off with wear. Moulding them into the strap means they are permanent.
Rubber: we can make soft rubber straps using standard tooling we have. However, if you want an embossed logo patches on the strap we don't recomend rubber because the patchs don't last as long.
Other materials: fabric, leather, cord, rope etc. See our bespoke flip flops for this.


Colours: the straps and soles can be made in any colour you want.
We use pantone colours as a guide for the colours. We try to pantone match our colours as closely as possible although due to of the characteristics of different materials, colours may not be identical to the Pantone swatch and variation between different materials is to be expected. Colours are created based on the pantone formulas (proportionate mixtures of core colours); this is the colour we will make for you and typically is very close or spot on when compared with the Pantone swatch. If for some reason you need it changed to be closer to the pantone colour, it can be modified to get a closer match for a small extra fee. However, to guarentee the exact colour match, we need to produce a sample first for you to sign off. In general we rarely have any issues with colour we make from the pantone formulas.

Lead times

The flip flops take 2-5 weeks to make depending on various options. Please remember we make everything to order for customised flip flops. After that there is then the shipping time which depends on the method of shipping (by Sea or by Air). Below are guides on time frames although we have managed to manufacture and deliver 2000 pairs in just over 2 weeks before. So if you're on a tight timeframe do let us know and we can see what we can do.

Standard shipping (less than 200 pairs)

For the production and shipping we say 6-9 weeks.

Express shipping (less than 200 pairs)

For the production and shipping we say 3-5 weeks.

Standard shipping (more than 200 pairs)

For the production and shipping we say 9-12 weeks.

Express shipping (more than 200 pairs)

For production and shipping we say 4-6 weeks.

For shorter lead times ask about our Personalised flip flops. We hold stock of a range of core colours and print them in our UK studio.


Existing flip flops

We can easily send out samples of previous flip flops we've made if you'd like to see the quality. We just ask that you cover the cost of returning them to us within 2 weeks.

Made for you

The samples are £100 due to set up costs. Typically it is unusual for our clients to have the samples made unless they have very strict colour requirements. Normally seeing examples of other flip flops we've made and seeing the visual mockups is satisfactory and will save both time and money.

Sand imprints

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!”

We can cut out sand imprint logos and text in the underside of the sole so you can leave your logo in the sand as you walk. This is called die cutting.

For this the sole is made in two layers. The bottom layer has your artwork/logo cut out of it using a cutter. This bottom layer is then glued to the top solid layer and the edges are sanded.

The result is a flip flop that will leave your mark anywhere you go!

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